Willoughby Practice: Photo Tour

In order to help transition you to our practice locations, The Special Needs Dentistry Practice has compiled a photo tour of our practices, as well as images to help find the practice

Entry point from 311 Penshurst St, Willoughby
The patient waiting room area
Hallway leading to Surgical/Consult rooms
Dental Room #1
Dental Room #2

Bondi Junction Practice: Photo Tour


Car parking is available at Eastgate Public Carpark (entry via Newland or Ebley Street). The first hour is free, then 1-2 hrs $2.60 / 2-3 hrs $8.60.

Exit Eastgate

Walk along Spring Street away from Westfield.

35 Spring Street

Café on the left (ask for a disabled toilet key here if you need one, located on the ground floor; there are ambulant toilets on our floor)
Enter the lobby, lifts on the left, building directory on the right


We are under Bondi Junction Dental Surgery
Go to the 6th floor

Reception Desk

Exit lifts and our practice is in front and to the left. Ambulant toilets directly left and right of the lifts on exit
Enter the practice and check in with reception at the front desk
Then take a seat in the waiting room until you are called in for your appointment
Take this time to hand over any x-rays you have brought with you, and to complete new patient forms, if applicable

Dental Surgery

When you are called up, go through the doorway into the hall and enter whichever dental surgery you are directed to
First door on the right
Second door on the left
Last door on the left