Our practice is committed to providing quality and safe care for all our patients. Due to the rising concern about COVID-19, our practice has decided to implement a few changes for the coming months. We have reviewed recent guidelines published by the Australian Dental Association, Department of Health and the World Health Organisation, and are proactively adjusting our procedures to match.

Changes to Appointments

As of Tuesday, 1st April 2020, the following changes were implemented until review in the next two months:

  • We will be limiting procedures with heavy aerosols (droplets in the air). Routine treatment, including restorations and cleans, will be limited with respect to what is clinically necessary.
  • Non-urgent treatment may be postponed.
  • We will not be seeing patients at our Miranda clinic for the next two months. If you have an appointment to see Dr Jay at Miranda within the next two months, our staff will be in contact.
  • Wherever possible, we will be conducting review or consultation appointments over the phone. If you have such an appointment, our staff will contact you.
  • General anaesthetic procedures will be limited to urgent treatment. If you are scheduled to have a dental procedure under general anaesthetic, our staff will contact you to confirm or postpone your procedure.

For Your Appointment

If you are coming in for an appointment at Willoughby, we ask that you abide by the following hygiene guidelines:

  • Use the provided hand sanitiser upon entering the clinic.
  • Maintain social distancing of more than 1.5 metres where possible. We have adjusted our waiting room to encourage this.
  • Avoid touching frequently-handled surfaces, such as door knobs, benches, pens, etc.
  • Practice cough etiquette by covering coughs and sneezes and washing your hands frequently.
  • Contact us immediately, and consider postponing your appointment, if you feel unwell; watch out for symptoms such as, but not limited to, coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath and/or a fever.
  • Contact us immediately, and consider postponing your appointment, if in the last 14 days you have returned from overseas, or have been in contact with someone who is confirmed to have COVID-19.

New Appointments

Our practice is still open for appointments. If you need any treatment, please contact our staff and we can advise you on a case by case basis.

Our first priority is to the safety of our patients. We are abiding by the current guidelines for hygiene, and continue to modify our standards based on the latest updates.
Thank you for your patience in these trying times. If your appointment has been postponed for any reason, you will be put on a waiting list and we will contact you again in three to four months to update you on the situation and/or reschedule your appointment. We will do our very best to contact every patient with an upcoming appointment. However, if you have an appointment within two days and we have not contacted you, please give us a call.

This issue is ever-evolving. As such, further changes may be implemented in the coming weeks. We will keep you posted on any further changes.